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Hi Matt! I just installed the large size custom shiftshade that you sent and it looks fantastic. My son is a radiologist who just signed a contract that involves a lot of night work, so this should be perfect for him. I'll send I'll post a proper review or feedback later. John - Redlands, CA

Hi Matt. Just a quick note to say thanks a million for your great product and service.

Got the two shades and rods you sent. It must have taken all of 3 minutes to install them. Wow!! They are awesome. No light enters those windows. Exactly what you advertise at a reasonable price.

What an ingenious product. Again, I thank you. Feel free to use these comments in any advertising you want.
Tampa Bay Ray in Florida

A year ago, I moved into a new apartment where the only window in the bedroom faced a brightly-lit parking area. At first, I didn't think that it would be a problem since there were heavy wooden blinds on the window. However, the room never really got dark, just gray. I didn't want to get blackout curtains because they looked creepy and were dust collectors. I didn't want to put up trashy-looking tin foil either. Anyway, for a full year, I never had one night's deep sleep. That problem has been solved since I found Shiftshade. For the first time in a year, I'm sleeping. Shiftshade totally blocks out the bright lights of the parking lot. My bedroom is in total darkness now and I can't tell you what a blessed relief it is to be able to sleep deeply all night, every night!

Thank you so much for a fantastic product and for your concern for your customers!
Carol - Houston, TX


Just wanted to say THANK YOU for a great product. I recieved this a few days after i placed my order, and installed it in literally 15 minutes or less. I work third shift 6 to 7 days a week, so sleep is crucial. I can't tell you how happy i am with this shade. I can now turn my lights off in my room and close my door and i am unable to even see my hand in front of my face. AMAZING. I highly recommend this to anyone who is having trouble sleeping due to light levels in your room or surroundings. You will not be disappointed. To say that this has been money well spent would be an understatement.
Trey - Greer, SC

I received and installed my shifshades yesterday and had the opportunity to test them this morning, and let me tell you, the darkness in my room is AWESOME! I am really happy with the purchase and with the quality of the product. Installing it was very easy and like I said, the results are great.
I am a producer/director/writer, and one of my weird things is that I can only write at night and in darkness. Well, thanks to your product, I can sit down to write at any time as I cannot really tell day from night anymore.
Thanks very much.
Antonio - VA

Just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy the shift shade. I actually dream now. It had been a while since I had.
Thank you again for your kindness. I am sending it forward by telling everyone i know.
Lily - GA

Hi there,

We have ordered several Shift Shades from you over the last few years, and we LOVE them and tell all of our friends about them!

We are about to move into a new home, and need a custom shade for a double window. It needs to fit the entire width of both windows combined, as there is no divider to use two separate ones.

Thanks!Melissa - Birmingham, AL

They worked great!! It was also so nice to see your "Christian Card" come inside the package. Our Youth have a black light ministry and we have struggled with something to keep the light out of the windows in the Sanctuary. Also we just kept them in the front windows and our power point projector is darker and easier to see. We have blinds up so it really isn't even noticiable that the shades are on the front windows. These really worked great. I am so glad I stumbled up on your website. Tommie - Eatonton, GA

We ordered the shift shade because my wife is a stay at home mom and not a morning person, so she tends to sleep in a bit. My daughter, however, is up as soon as any light enters her window. Shiftshade has made it possible for my daughter to stay in bed a few hours longer, which in turn gives my wife some much needed sleep. If mom is happy, then everyone at home is happy. We tell everyone about it because we highly recommend it over any kind of "self-fix" you can come up with. Thanks Matt!Dave - Salt Lake City, UT

Hi Matt, usually, by 9am, my bedroom is showing temps higher than outside... but since getting your product, the temp in that room remains lower than outdoors throughout the entire day, and without having to make it colder by a/c in my home! I'm very pleased with it, so thank you!April - Lakeland, FL

Greatest invention ever for us night shift workers! I have told everyone I work with about this! I am ordering another for my bathroom so it really will be complete darkness in my bedroom!Tina - Aiken, SC

Hi Matt, Just wanted you to know that last night was my first night sleeping with my Shift Shade. The room truly was totally dark. In fact, when I put it up in my west-facing window, the sun was glaring in my eyes. Once it was up, there wasn’t a speck of light in the room. Amazing! Thanks for including the extra rod; that was key to minimizing fabric drooping in my very wide window. Because of its width, installing the shade by myself was a little awkward, but it was well worth the effort. Thanks so much. Cyd - Phoenix, AZ

I'm not much into writing glowing testimonials. (Just askTigerDirect..lol) However, I HAVE to say that out of all my online transactions, doing business with Matt has not only been incredible, it's been the pinnacle of customer service. I've searched ALL over the Net and found his to not only be the cheapest of the solutions available for getting excess light out of my bedroom, it's the BEST!!! Mark - Angola, In

I got shiftshades for Fathers Day this year. I am a very light sleeper and normally get 3 to 5 hours of sleep when I am on night shift. The Shiftshades are GREAT!!!!! The first two days sleeping with the shiftshade I got at least 2 more hours sleep. Not only do the shades completly block out the light, they also help keep noise out. I have already got more to take to the beach house. My wife likes them also because when they are installed I let the blind down and you cannot tell there is anything in the window. A great improvment from all of the towels and blankets that I use to hang from the window. Even though I still do not like night shift the Shiftshade makes it much more bearable.Fantastic Product !!!!!!!! Don - Hartsville SC

My wife and I absolutely love this product! It is very easy to use and works EXACTLY as advertised!!. We have a 8 month old son who would refuse to take a nap during the day. With shiftshade, he goes to nap in a jiffy. As a bonus, he also started waking up later in the morning. This product is a MUST HAVE for anyone with a baby who refuses to sleep because of the light! And last but not least, the price and customer service is unbeatable. Our shiftshades arrived in just 2 days after we ordered them. Thanks a ton Matt! Happy Parents of an 8 month old - Pittsburgh, PA

I bought one of your shift shades about two years ago for my daughter's bedroom. It has been awesome at darkening her room for daytime naps and helps with keeping her normal sleep hours during the summer when its light so late in the evening and early in the morning. We love it...and it works so much better/easier than many of the other "room darkeners" we tried before that!. Anyway, I'm hanging some new curtains in her room and want to wash / clean the shift shade material. Can I put it in the washing machine, and if so on what settings (cold, gentle, etc.)? Angie - Overland Park, KS

I have purchased two sets for windows in house. I love them! Now I would like to inquire about sizing for two windows both 64" x 59" opening. Is it possible to order two sets for this size? Thank you! Dan - Kihei, HI

Hello, I previously bought 2 shift shades from you, they work great! My sister-in-law wants 2 shades, but her windows are 48" wide X 60" long. Do you have this size? Keith - Wilmington, NC

Matt, I work shift work and have done so for over 30 years, the older I have gotten the more difficult day time sleeping has become. I done some research and the experts say to darken your room to improve your sleeping habits during the day. I have tried light blocking roll up shades but a great deal of light still comes around the light blocking shades and curtains. Shift shade blocks the light coming into the bedroom completely and it has helped tremendously improving the quality of my day time sleeping . Thanks from a long time Shift Worker!!!!!!! David - South Carolina

I ordered custom made shades. The ordering process was easy and the communication can't get any better. The shipping was fast, the packaging safe, and the shades arrived as ordered and promised.Installing those shades is very simple and quick and they are very effective. You really turn the day into night! Summary:Communication, Shipping, Product, Installation: A+++ Jens - Miami, FL

Oh thank you! You have a blessed week too. Your products (we already have one shade) have been wonderful for my husband who works third shift. We just moved and needed to take care of another window and knew right where to come to do so! God bless! Carrissa - Neenah, WI

I received my three shades in three days from the date of my order. Amazing! I installed them in my three-section bay window in my bedroom and the result is total darkness. What a great product. Thank you very much. Chris - Bella Vista, AK

We ordered the shift shade because my wife is a stay at home mom and not a morning person, so she tends to sleep in a bit. My daughter, however, is up as soon as any light enters her window. Shiftshade has made it possible for my daughter to stay in bed a few hours longer, which in turn gives my wife some much needed sleep. If mom is happy, then everyone at home is happy. We tell everyone about it because we highly recommend it over any kind of "self-fix" you can come up with. Thanks Matt! David - Salt Lake City, UT

We love the Shift Shades in our bedroom. My husband has to work nights sometimes and he's able to sleep very well during the day because our room is so dark. (We've used garbage bags in the past and it was so embarrassing!)I would like to order two more for our girls' rooms. The measurements for both windows would be W: 57 3/4 and H: 51 1/2. Melinda - Ankeny, IA

Hey, Matt,I'm sorry I haven't written you already, but Gracie was a little sick and she was up a lot (very unusual) during the night when we got them. I wanted to wait a bit and see what their true effect was going to be...I can honestly say Jason and I are both amazed, Matt. Gracie aside, they are absolutely amazing! We make everyone who comes over goin her room while we cut off the lights so they can see what they can do. It has now been almost a week, and they really have helped with Gracie...we are getting about an hour to an hour and a half more sleep! I am going to post a testimonial, but I haven't taken the time yet ( I can assure you I will!). I really appreciate how helpful you were, and how quickly they arrived. I know you probably won't believe this, but I gave the woman cleaning my teeth the web address today -- her husband works at Pet Dairy. Anyway, thanks again! Sissy - Florence, SC

My wife has finally had a delightful nights sleep for the first time since we moved to St Augustine. In addition to keeping the security light out it is so dark in the morning that you can actually sleep later. Sleep is an important part of a daily routine and your shades make this possible. You can use this as a testimonial or have anyone contact me and I will tell them my story if they have any doubts of how great your shades work. Thank you again. Larry - St. Augustine FL

Hey Matt, They work great! I fold a little material over the top stick and get it in place and the rest is easy. I have them up in a minute and the room is nice and dark. The good news . . I have identical windows upstairs so we can use them in either room depending on who is here with us. The granddaughter or houseguests. Thanks Jeff - Valencia, CA

I shopped around for blackout shades for months, looking for a way to help my baby sleep better in the early morning and during nap times. All the blackout shades being sold were around $200 per window. I found ShiftShade on eBay and decided to try it. After I hung the shades in her room, she started sleeping two hours later in the morning and had extended her afternoon nap by another hour! It has been great for all of us! Sarah - Raleigh, NC

My fiance and I both work 12 hour rotating shifts at Eastman Chemical. We've always used trash bags, room darkening shades, etc. to try and darken our bedrooms. I had already ordered 2 of them from you about a month ago for myself and I love them. These are for my fiance to use. Thank you so much for a wonderful product! They're perfect and work so easily and wonderfully with no mess to contend with! Thank you!! Misty - Kingsport, TN

Oh, yes, thank you so much Matt! We got them up yesterday and our two babies slept like... BABIES! So, once again, thank you for being so patient and helpful! Take care! I will spread the word about your wonderful shift shade! Eva - Washington, DC

I just wanted to thank you for the shade. I put it up easily by myself and have used it the last three nights with no sunshine coming through the California windows to wake me! I will recommend you to my fellow nurses and night shift crew! Laura- Redding, CA

We received our ShiftShade and installed it. How awesome (and dark)! I am a Battalion Chief for an extremely busy fire district which runs quite abit at night. The ShiftShade is exactly what I needed for our bedroom (I do live in the sunshine state!) for those mornings after shift where I need to catch up on some sleep. It has helped me refresh so that I am able to spend quality time with my daughter when she gets home from school. Again, what an awesome product!!!!! Thank you! ----------------------------------------------------------- Hey, this Todd (from your Testimonials). I teach at our local fire school and need to order 2 shades for our classroom. The sizes are width of 46 inches and height of 49 inches. I think I need longer support rods? I have continued to show/tell people about your product. Now we will have students seeing the product first hand! Let me know how to order longer rods and how I order (2 sets)?Thank you!Todd Todd - FL

This is an excellent product. It is a simple idea that WORKS! That is always the best kind. I am delighted with the ease of installation. It took less than five minutes to put up these shades. They can be moved from window to window easily. They block out light and do indeed dampen some sound. I can't say enough about the excellent service given by ShiftShade. I ordered two sets of shades which arrived amazingly fast, but I had not given the dimensions of the rods I needed for one set. I told them I needed some longer rods which they sent immediately completely hassle-free. Thank you Shiftshade! You've made a customer for life! Nancy - Knoxville, TN

I have one word to describe my reaction to the ShiftShades. WOW! I'm really impressed! That's some kind of material! There's still a tiny bit of light leaking in from the top, but I expect with practice installing the shades, I'll get it perfect. I'm excited to go back to work tomorrow night just to see if I sleep longer the next day. Thanks for coming up with something for us night workers. People don't really understand the sleep deprivation night workers live with. I'm sure I'll be delighted with the extra sleep I'll be getting. Fran - Winton, CA

I just wanted to let you know that the shades are working wonderfully! I have to readjust them here soon to get it "just right", but I'm extremely happy with them-money very well spent. I can actually get to sleep quickly and have a decent, deep sleep...and the room stays quite cool (the bedroom windows face south and east, so in the mornings, it can get hot in there). Thanks for an excellent product! Sean - Douglasville, GA

I work at a water treatment plant and my wife is an RN and we both work nights. For years we have been trying everything to not just darken, but BLACK OUT our bedroom during the day so that we can sleep. We've used shades, blinds, foil, blackout curtains, and cardboard and nothing has worked like the ShiftShade. Before installing the ShiftShade we were using cardboard that had to be taped in and was very unsightly and over time it would warp and we would have to start all over again with new cardboard; we would also have to remove the old tape which pealed the paint and left a mess. We recently had the windows in our house replaced and knew there had to be a better way. That is when I started searching the internet and found the ShiftShade site. I was doubtful at first but it didn't take long to see that this product works like they said it would. Not only do they work, but we can even remove it when we want to and see out of our windows and know that re-installing it will only take a couple of minutes. Thanks! Stephen - Lakeland, FL

The shades arrived last Thursday. Thanks for being such a stand up guy when the first order was lost by UPS. Although I was expecting the rods to be something more adjustable, such as expanding rods with a thumbscrew to tighten them, I must say they work impressively well. I've certainly been sleeping better in the last few days. And besides, I'm not sure you could use an expanding thumbscrew-tightening rod design and still have the needed pressure to hold the fabric tightly enough. For the cost, I'm certainly impressed. The fabric is a fairly decent insulator as well. Really helped in our bedroom. Again, thanks for your timely communication and efforts to make sure I was another satisfied customer. I left positive feedback for you yesterday. Full lunar eclipse tonight between 10:00pm and 10:51 Eastern time. (Won't be another full eclipse for 3 years or so.) Take care. I may order some more shades in a few weeks. Too broke right now. Tim - Dallas, TX

They are terrific, my husband is able to fall right asleep and stay asleep all day! It's a terrific product, and the transaction was so easy! Thank you Theresa - Bonita Springs, FL

The ShiftShade (is) perfect. Total blackout and I actually used them on a different room which only has 2 windows so the 3rd ShiftShade I will use as a spare if something happens. Instructions provided were easy to work with and the results were great. Your product is great as with your customer service. I can now watch movies on my projector in total blackness which is how it should be. Thanks again. Daniel - Tucson AZ

We have a street light right outside our bedroom window that no shade would block until shift shade. The room is finally the restful, dark place we envisioned. Thanks for a great and easy product! Margaret - Oelwein, IA

Wow, ShiftShade, what an amazing product, and if you have ever bought custom window coverings you can also appreciate the fantastic price. It is very rare nowadays that you can purchase a product for a reasonable price that does exactly what it says it does. ShiftShade does exactly what it says, blocks all light. I jokingly call my room "the bat cave", and if I don't set an alarm its "holy #@$# batman look at the time" when I eventually wake up. I had my doubts because the fabric is white, but the doubts were gone as soon as I saw the fabric, this is a truly fantastic product!!!! Lori - Saskatchewan Canada

I make no commission off of this but I swear my life on it! It's called shift shade and I got it on ebay for about $20 for a standard window! It makes the room like night all day long. My kids sleep 12 hrs at night and a good 3-4 during the day!! WE LOVE IT!!! It's so worth the money..easy to put up! 2BUSYGs - Blog Post

Recently while working an extended period on nights I used the shift shade. The shift shade allowed me to get approx. 1.5 to 2 hrs. more sleep a day due to it being dark in the room and it seemed to help me sleep deeper. I guess that the bodycan be fooled to some degree because I have always been very restless while working nights (12 hour shifts) but this time I made it pretty easy. For someone that works shift work this is a very worthwhile product to use. Mike - Ruby, SC

Thanks for your fast shipping. I received my ShiftShade Saturday and have been enjoying the "darkness" ever since! It is just what I was looking for to really cut the ouside glare, chinking, and light leaks. Thanks for a great product. Corinna - Wyckoff, NJ

The shift shade make my room so dark, I can't see my hand in front of my face. I purchased a shift shade last week from Matt and think they're absolutely a godsend for anyone interested in quality sleep. Not only do they work well for any size window (my window a 71" wide by 38" long) it also delivers in blocking out all undesirable light. I personally wouldn't hesitate to give one of these a try, the owner is a stand-up guy and worked with me through the entire process...walked me through the installation process. Thank you Matt, Shawn - Joliet, IL

I work a swing shift schedule, all three shifts during a 6 week rotation. I too would go home in the morning and fall asleep right away, but when the room would get reasonably light I would wake up. I've been using your "ShiftShade" for about a month now. I have to tell you, it really is an excellent product. During the days I have to sleep, the room is absolutely darker than nighttime! I have found that once I get on a normal shift, I have to fold the shades up half way or else I'll sleep much longer than planned. I think you have chosen a basic design, and most of the time being basic is the best approach. The only difficulty I had was during the install. If there was someway to make a rigid tube, cut to size of course, that could be used for the top of the shade for initial install, your product would be a bit easier to hold in place while applying the fabric to the window. That being said, I did a lot of searching on the internet for a product to block out the light in my bedroom...yours by far was the best choice both with the cost and it's effectiveness. I'm certainly glad I made this purchase. Good luck with your sales. Ross- Springfield, IL

I am the secretary at my church and in our Education Building our thermostat, which controls our air condition unit, is located close to a window. The sunlight from the window causes our air conditioner to run more frequently than it should. After we installed a ShiftShade in the window, our unit does not run as much and we can cool the building down faster. Thank you for introducing our church to Shift Shade. Ann - Lamar, SC

This shade is amazing!!! It keeps the light out of my room, as well as the heat! I use to have a blanket over my window, but the heat got trapped between the window and the blanket. This caused the blinds to sag and shrivel in certain places. But this sheet goes right up against the window, so my blinds will be safe. Larry Lowe

I wish I could have found these a few years back when my husband and I worked third shift! I ordered these becuase the sunlight in the early morning is so bright in our bedroom - there was no sleeping in on the weekend. Since I installed the ShiftShades, we are able to wake up on our own and get some well deserved rest! Thank you so much. I will reccommend these to anyone looking for a product like this! Stacy - St. James

The ShiftShade is incredible! It provides total light blockage without compromising the look of your window while you're awake. Now I can decorate with any style or color curtain I want, because the ShiftShade provides the light blocking. It goes up easily with the flexible tension rods and no light escapes. Matt was great with helping me get the right measurements for our larger than standard sized window and provided excellent customer support. Wendy - NJ

Hold on, The room is so dark in the morning now that I don't know if it is day or night. I used to wake based on the amount of sunlight in the room. Now I sleep in, am late for work, I'll probably get fired. Then What? Husband of Wendy - NJ

Dear Matt, I purchased the ShiftShade because I watch babies every day. I have been at this job for almost 20 years. When I put them down for nap, there are 3 in one room. With the room dark, they sleep so much better. The ShiftShade really is wonderful. I questioned it when I first opened it because it looks like just a normal window shade, but WOW is it so much better. My babies are sleeping great and I love the ShiftShade. I give this product two thumbs up, Great Job! Thanks! Jeanie - Chicago IL

We puzzled for weeks on how to blackout skylights in our baby's room. These went up a couple of minutes and will take about 5 seconds to remove whenever we don't need them -- without creating any holes or damage in the process. They truly block out the light --which means that the baby sleeps --and that means that we can all sleep. Brilliant! Thalia - Hanover NH

"Yes! The ShiftShade is wonderful! The shade was super easy to install and only took a few minutes. The rods you precut for me worked great with our larger window. Once I got the fabric pulled taught, no more light seeped in. In fact, I am ASTOUNDED at how dark it is in my three year old's room in the mornings. I am so very happy with it. My little guy is already sleeping later and is much happier during the day since he is so well rested. He used to be up with the sun but not anymore. This shade is fantastic! I do wish you well with your new business. I've already told my family about this & will be telling my friends now, too. This is a great product & it REALLY, REALLY works! Thanks again!" Beth - Omaha, NE

I'm also a shift worker who rotates. ShiftShade has definitely made a difference in my sleeping habits. Even when my children come to wake me up it's so dark they have to use a flash light when they come in the room! Thanks for a great product. D. - SC

I have worked rotating shifts for over 18 years. I have tried it all from blankets, black plastic and shades. Nothing has ever been able to block out enough sunlight for me to get adequate rest. That is until I was introduced to the ShiftShade. This product is a must-have for anyone who works nights or rotating shifts; it blocks out 100% of sunlight and installation is so simple a child could place them. Best of all, the ShiftShade does not mount permanently to the window, it can be installed when needed and removed when it is not required. In over 18 years of shift work I have never rested better than since I installed my ShiftShade. Danny - NC

I got them today and they are without a doubt fantastic!! To my amazement, they are more than I expected. I WILL spread the word!!!! Thank you!! George - TX

ShiftShade really works. They made my bedroom as dark as a closet. I tried room darkening mini-blinds. I even added roll up shades behind the mini-blinds. Nothing darkens a room like ShiftShade. Chris - SC

We purchased our first ShiftShade for use in our living room. We purchased a big screen TV and needed to block out sunlight. They are fantastic! Easy to install and a very economical alternative to blackout shades and blinds. We love them so much that we are purchasing for use in our bedrooms. Great product! Vanda - TX

Thanks, the ShiftShade is awesome. This is the first thing I have bought that actually works like it suppose to. I have tried everything on my windows right down to the aluminum foil. Thanks a lot. My husband is going to tell all the guys he works with about it, too. He was really impressed. Stacy - KY

I used to duct tape construction paper on my bedroom windows. We need it pitch black in order to get a good night's sleep. ShiftShade stopped all that nonsense. It seals out light 100% - much better than the paper ever did (and it looks much nicer on the outside). It also blocks more of the sun's heat, which is a nice bonus. Plus, I can remove and reinstall it in minutes if we want to open the window - that can't be done with duct taped windows! 4-star excellent product. THX! Bob - NJ

I have worked in maintenance for 35 years with over 25 outages under my belt. This last nuclear refueling outage was my best yet thanks to ShiftShade. I had no idea my bedroom could be so dark during the middle of the day. My wife overslept for church one Sunday because of the darkness. Gene - SC

Thanks so much for the ShiftShade. My 10 month old daughter has been waking up with the sun every morning at 5am!!! The night I put in the ShiftShade she slept till 7, and every morning since!!!!! Thanks so much for giving us a better quality of life by gaining 2 more hours of sleep!!! Amanda - Stratford CT