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The Man Behind The Shade

My name is Matt, and I am a "Day Sleeper." I work a rotating shift for a large electrical utility, which means that every few weeks, I'm going to bed when everyone else is getting up. After arriving home at 8:00am and grabbing a bite to eat, I'm ready to hit the sack.

The problem was, I could never seem to get the rest I needed, because my bedroom was flooded with sunlight. I tried all the usual tricks: blankets behind the blinds (not good enough), extra-heavy curtains (ditto), black plastic and duct tape (not pretty), and nothing seemed to do what I needed.

So, I set out to develop something that would black out the room, but be easy to install and remove, and didn't look like something dragged out of an alley. What I came up with is ShiftShadeâ„¢.