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Installation Instructions

The ShiftShade package will contain blackout fabric, several fiberglass rods, and all necessary hardware.

Place one end of a support rod in the lower left corner of the lower sash.

Measure the distance across the bottom of the window and add 1 inch. Cut all the rods to that length, and place the protective caps over the cut ends.

Grasp the fabric by one corner and hold it into the upper left corner of the window. Place one end of one rod into the corner to hold the fabric.

While keeping tension on the rod, bow the middle of the rod downward until the opposite end will fit into the upper right corner of the upper window sash.

Place right upper corner of fabric in upper right window casing and allow the tension of the support rod to support the weight of the fabric.

Take a second support rod and place on top of bottom sash in left corner with fabric between rod and casing.

While keeping tension on rod, bow middle of rod upward until opposite end of rod will fit on top of bottom sash in right corner.

Place the third rod into the lower corners of the window to hold the bottom of the fabric in place.

You can test for light leakage by turning off the room lights. If light is leaking in, carefully adjust the tension by gently pulling the fabric while you hold the rods in place.

This is an abbreviated version of the installation for a typical double-hung window. Complete, detailed instructions for each specific type of window will be provided in every package. If you have any problems, use our contact information for questions.